solar system & filter system
The information system starts with a view of the solar system in which all of the planets can be selected. The user has the option to select a page with filters on which the user can select a planet a space agency a time period as well as the mission type of the mission. The results of the filter will then be displayed at the bottom of the page.
planet overview
The user has a view on the planet itself and different data about the whole planetary constellation around it, like how many moons does the planet have, what kind of type has the planet been classified as and what images from all the different missions do we have? On each of the different panels the user can take a closer look at all the available data.
If the user selects one of the triangles he switches to the mission screen in which he gets more information about it.

detailed technical view
In this view the user has the opportunity to take a look at the different parts of the rocket, from the boosters to the main rocket over to the space probe. By selecting certain parts on the illustrated rocket or space probe one is able to view additional information about it in the sidebar, accompanied by short facts of the selected element.
mission log
After launching the rocket, the user gets a detailled mission overview. The mission overview consists of the date and a text field. The text field is a mission log which explaines what happend on each selected time stamp. On the left the user is now able to see the rocket/probe traveling through the solar system, also every taken image will appera as a little dot on the travel route.
material & tools
Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
up we go!