common problems
Two big difficulties were the time consuption and also the water consumption you face while standing under this warm and cozy stream of water. Some minor but more interesting problems were the freezing cold water at the start of almost every showering process, the lack of information about your water consumption after each showering process and also that the user has to face the unattainability of his smartphone controls while listening to music. Another obstacle we faced is that every family member has different preferences while showering and nothing is more annoying than stepping into the shower, turning on the water realizing thats either Mount Doom or the icy hell of planet Hoth.
For the interface and the control of the shower we decided to stick with a haptic control element because we realized that a physical component is much easier to control while technically being blinded by water than a digital element which requires almost constant visual feedback.
For our knob we chose a design which is based on older faucet handles. The kob has ten rounded corners for better comfort while controlling the interface. The knob itself has the ability to be rotated and can also be moved on the X, Y and also the Z axis to access the different levels of the interface.
On the top of the knob are also two buttons, placed to skip music titles very fast without the need to access the menu.
ecological aspects
A main point besides the aspect of time saving was the ecological one. When you shower you consume a lot of water which is equivalent to the time you need to rinse yourself. We then decided that it would make sense to include a time display which should always be readable no matter in which menu the user is. After showering the system will display and/or announce time, water usage, equivalent cost, average water pressure and temperature.
mobile companion application
We realized that our shower will be a bit more complex than we initially thought and after testing with an early prototype we decided to remove the option to set things like the shower modes inside the shower and move it over to a mobile companion application because setting up the smartphne connection under the shower with the controls we used proved to be very frustrating and time consuming.
The mobile application is used to to see a detailed view of the water consumption, set up the different modes to fit the users needs and the user profiles. The syncronization of the music library is also set up via smartphone. The user also has the opportunity to set the preheat temperature for the shower to solve the problem with standing inside a shower and recieving cold water.
The emergency tab inside the options gives the elderly users the option to call their relatives or the emergency service directly from the shower in a case of emergency.
Reminders to buy shower products can be sent from the shower directly to the smartphone to remind the user to buy new shampoo or showergel.
material & tools
Adobe Illustrator CC
Marvel Prototyping
Processing 3
up we go!