main screen
On the upper third of the main screen is a bar with the most important topics for each user and also a search button. Beneath the topic bar are the newest articles each one with a short introduction text and a indicator in which topic it belongs.
A cross is located in the lower right corner of the screen by tapping it the user gets redirected to his previous set up RSS-Feed with a very prominent clock and a short overview for his subscribed locations. Each location shows a short headline of a recent event and the weather for this place.
topic screens
The topic screens show the different articles placed under each topic, with a headline and also a short teaser text. Instead of the applications name at the uppermost part of the screen the selected topic name is displayed with the current date behind it.
article screen
In the article screen, the topic under which the article was published, is displayed at the top of the screen. Below the headline is a short introduction for the article which summarizes the most important information about the news article.
material & tools
Adobe InDesign CC
up we go!